• Automated Podcasting

    Update your podcast automatically by saving to Dropbox

    Podcast Hosting.

    We now offer cutting edge podcast hosting and are looking for beta testers to help us test out our new technologies. Sign up now to get started for free.

    Automated Uploads.

    By hosting your Podcast with Firepype you can now upload your media to your podcast and update your RSS feed by dragging and dropping a file into Dropbox.

    Reduce Manual Tasks.

    By combining multiple nodes you can create powerful solutions that allow you to save time and money when hosting your media online.

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  • Video Distribution

    reduce the effort to distribute your videos down to a single drag and drop

    Watch Folders.

    Seamless synchronization of files on your desktop with cloud storage providers enable you to upload any media file directly into your Pype


    Convert your video to any format--even rip the audio out of videos--for any specified file using our Converter Nodes.

    Content Distribution.

    Send your videos to multiple destinations all across the Internet with almost no interaction.

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  • Media Converters

    convert, resize and move media while you sleep

    Audio Converter.

    Our powerful Audio Converter Node can accept any file and convert it to just about any file type you need. You can even convert video files to audio.

    Video Converter.

    By automating your work with a Pype, using our video converters you can convert hundreds of video files to a designated resolution and format while you spend your time elsewhere!

    Use Once Use Often.

    By combining multiple converter nodes you can convert a single file to many formats. This is especially important if you cater to users on mobile devices.

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Limitless Possibilities

Create media pipelines that help streamline your work

  • Customizable Solution

    Firepype's UI is designed to provide you with an intuitive interface that helps you build customizable solutions to solve your needs.

  • Cloud Scalable

    Firepype is built as a clustered system so that it grows to meet your demand, whatever the size.

  • Powerful Converters

    Need to convert hundreds of video and audio files?  Our powerful Converter Nodes are up for the task!

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