Rolling Monthly Bandwidth

We don't limit how much you host with us, our only limitation is how much you can upload a month. Every month your plan will reset allowing you to process more files.

Unmetered Hosting Bandwidth

Every plan we offer comes with highspeed hosting included. We don't meter or limit your user's access to your media that you host with us.

Automated Podcast Hosting

What sets us apart from other podcast hosting providers is our internal pype system that allows us to watch for new files that you want to publish. We designed the system to help you offload the chores of uploading and managing files. Now publishing your podcast is as easy as a simple drag and drop.

Automated Media Distribution

Not only do we host your podcast media, help you automate the uploading of those files, we'll also send those files to many popular media hosting sites as well. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe are already supported with many more planned.

Podcast Web Portal

As part of our hosting we have customizable web portal that you can link to or embed into your site. This page's look is highly customizable and allows you to match the look of an existing site. The portal is automatically updated when ever you publish a new file.

Media Transcoding

Want to convert your files to a different format? Or maybe take the audio track off your video podcast to automatically generate an audio version of your podcast? Well we have a powerful transcoding system.

Podcasting Analytics

We have built in the ability to integrate your podcast with Google Analytics to provide you top of the line statistics. You can watch visitors download files in real time or look at long term trends in your viewership.

Watermarking / Compositing

No one wants to have their creations taken and used elsewhere with out giving credit to your hard work. Our pipeline process allows for the ability to automatically watermark your videos when they are being published so that your name, logo or website stays with your creation. You also have the ability to do basic compositing on the fly, just upload a PNG file with transparancy on and we'll apply it to any video you send through.

iTunes Optimized RSS Feeds

Because we are all about automation, we have designed the RSS feeds to be dynamic, always ensuring they pull from the latest list of your media. We also ensure that this template is kept up to date with the latest changes at Apple so that your RSS feed is always compliant to their standards.

HTML 5 Media Player

Our media player utilizes the latest and greatest technologies introduces in the HTML 5 standard. This means that you can be assured that your viewers or listeners are able to consume your media on whatever smart device they want. By using HTML 5 we remove the need of brower plugins, or incompatable systems that would normally stear viewers away.

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